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Real-time analysis

Agentless - Network, Identity, k8s. Prioritized by potential exploitability and possible attack vector.

Based on periodic scans


The entire cloud posture including cross account and clouds dependencies

Partial Security Posture

Configuration Change Watchdog

See impact for every change, detect critical exposure in real-time.

Not Supported, due to  periodic scans there is no way to see previous states.

Posture-aware policy engine

Declare Access Governance and Zero-trust, define your organizational best-practices.

Resource based rules only.

Attack Path Analysis

Real-time detection of newly created toxic combinations against any change with root cause analysis.

Limited and Fragmented

CDR (Threat Detection)

Agentless - Network, Identity, k8s. Prioritized based on the potential exploitability and possible attack vector.

Agent Based workload protection

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Way better at things that matter:
6xFaster Investigation and Response
Get alerted immediately on the root cause with all the needed context for rapid response.
ZeroFalse Positives
Our mathematical engine validates reachability to eliminate false positives.
10xDev/Sec Collaboration
Full posture and event driven root cause allows DevOps to safely and confidently fix security issues
Our revolutionary CloudTwin™ technology is designed to provide a precise and constantly updated model of your environment by continuously tracking behavior and configuration changes. With our dynamic algorithms at work, every alteration triggers a thorough analysis that identifies and maps dependencies across all your resources. This enables us to deliver an accurate and comprehensive impact assessment on each behavior and config change.