It’s time for security to keep up with the pace of the cloud.

Periodic scans slow you down.
We have the solution.

Trusted by SecOps and loved by DevOps.
Collaboration is the key,
we streamline it.
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"Before Stream, we found it difficult to identify the source of a vulnerability and how the vulnerable resource fits in our cloud environment. Stream helps us find the right fix and minimize negative impacts of configuration changes“
Arron Li
Security Team @Neuron Mobility
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"We had changes happening that we couldn’t isolate to who and when. The core team needed to be able to know what was going on in real-time and fix things quickly”
Gary Theis
CTO @Wego
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“Using Stream.Security, we swiftly grasped our cloud infrastructure's dependencies, bolstering cross-team collaboration and fostering collective responsibility”
Niv Shlomo
VP Platform @Kaltura
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The adversary can detect cloud security gaps in real time. Can you?
We have the solution. 
Real-time CNAPP
Real-time exposure and threat detection, change-driven investigation, and all the context you need for rapid response.

Hear from our customers

Hibob uses Stream to detect exposure in real-time and drastically reduce the MTTR.
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Don't let legacy solutions slow you down and expose you to threats.
Break down silos, bridge the Dev-Sec gap, act on shared context and turbocharge the time to action.