Hibob uses Stream to detect risks in real-time and drastically reduce the MTTR.

Bob is an HRIS platform that helps dynamic and modern companies bring out the best in their employees. The platform is hosted on AWS and utilizes Kubernetes at scale.

The customer

Founded in 2015, HiBob is a modern HR platform for modern, multi-national business. With offices across the globe and employee solutions for nearly every type mid-sized business, they have become one the the most formidable players in the HR tech ecosystem. And now, just seven years since they opened, their intuitive and data-driven platform is helping companies world-wide uncover the power of HR, to drive employee productivity, engagement, collaboration, and retention.

Stream.Security significantly shortens cloud security investigation processes and time to root cause”
Tamir Ronen

The challenge

The HiBob security team was looking for a single pane of glass into their AWS and Kubernetes posture across configuration and actual activity. The goal was to save time on unnecessary repetitive connectivity and change research around security and compliance drift, enabling the team to quickly understand the status of the environment and the historical changes that led to it.

How Stream.Security addresses Bob's challenges:

StreamSecurity integrates with AWS CloudTrail, VPC Flowlogs and EKS. The queryable posture graph significantly reduces the time it takes to understand connectivity and permissions across the AWS and k8s environment, saving critical time when responding to a security alerts and compliance drifts.
The Stream.Security activity layer that shows all of the actual traffic on every path and resource is a solid and efficient forensic tool when researching and tracing a potential adversary.
By using the Stream.Security policy capability the team can enforce security and compliance best practices during build time. If a Terraform PR violates a security policy, the CI/CD process can block it prior to the code being deployed and prevent the security issue.
With Stream.Security analyst time that was previously spent on figuring out resource communication and configuration can now be spent on advanced security research. Freeing up cycles allows for better and faster mitigation and remediation.”
Tamir Ronen