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We challenge traditional concepts.


Was not built for the complexity of cloud, logs lack context and create alert fatigue.
Activity Driven

Cloud Security Posture Scanners

Periodic scans fail to pinpoint causative changes and detect critical exposure & drift from intent in real-time.
Activity Driven
Security Posture-Aware
The Outcome: Long time to detection, tedious investigations, slow remediation.
Stream is the only solution that fuses activity & posture.
Agentless, Event-driven Cloud Security.
Detect, pinpoint and address posture and activity threats up to 6x faster, with real-time, change-driven, graph-powered context. With the full cloud posture we help you detect deviations from business Intent and eliminate false-positives.
Activity Driven
Cloud Posture-Aware
Our revolutionary CloudTwin™ technology is designed to provide a precise and constantly updated model of your environment by continuously tracking behavior and configuration changes. With our dynamic algorithms at work, every alteration triggers a thorough analysis that identifies and maps dependencies across all your resources. This enables us to deliver an accurate and comprehensive impact assessment on each behavior and config change.

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Hibob uses Stream to detect exposure in real-time and drastically reduce the MTTR.
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