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Discover GigaOM analyst Matt Jallo's take on Cloud Change Intelligence and Stream.Security
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Solution Overview

A cloud change intelligence solution addresses the growing complexity of cloud environments. Lightlytics unifies all the activity and information around cloud configuration and change for AWS environments. It improves team collaboration, operating costs, and incident prevention and response.


Increase productivity and effectiveness in managing configuration changes to AWS environments. Among the benefits of deployment:- Increased system availability and faster incident response- Improved security and compliance- Enhanced resource utilization and reduced operating costs


Avoid the disruption and cost from poorly understood and managed resources on AWS.


Various teams within IT such as DevOps, SRE, and security need to be familiarized with the tool and use it in a consistent way. Expect cost savings and improved efficiency within teams directly responsible for site reliability, security, and compliance.


As a SaaS offering, Lightlytics presents a low operational risk, thanks in part to its passive read-only architecture. For larger organizations, there is the need to plan how relevant teams can be motivated to consistently use the tool as a single point of collaboration