Every cloud has a silver ROI

Noa Shilo
June 29, 2022
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If the cloud is a main point of business for you and running it efficiently is how you make more money you should know that you can have more visibility, control and most of all more development for your cloud buck.

As a manager you have to know what to expect and how to plan for the unexpected, with Lightlytics connected to your IaC solution there is no unexpected or unknown, you can manage your business with the control you deserve - the responsibility is yours and you should have all the context to make a smart business decision.

Business knowledge is power

Making an informed decision means knowing all the facts and numbers, our solution is the only one that fully maps your cloud in real-time with our live dependency graph so you can manage your cloud environment posture with context and meaning. All of your Activity and Traffic logs are aggregated with the configuration level giving you actionable insight into the actual behaviors and data flows in your environment.

Bottom line is what's important

Here's what we found - knowing the dependencies saves up to 30% of your team's time on configuration change planning and misconfiguration troubleshooting, your team has the information it needs to do its job right the first time and minimize neverending cycles.

Less cycles = less spending, shifting left the right way

Our solution saves your team review time as you can now automatically code-review cloud configuration changes as part of your CI/CD flow.

When you map your cloud and the dependencies in it you can identify unused resources in your environment and reduce cost and clutter. Your DevOps, developers and security professionals can now work in a space that they manage and truly control.

Make the most of your existing talent

Efficiency is now more important than ever, good DevOps engineers are hard to find and we believe the focus should be on making developers and security professionals more efficient with fewer cycles spent on trying to figure out the consequences of their changes on the environment and troubleshooting when someone got it wrong and more cycles spent on developing and improving the system. With our platform, you can spend less time looking for new developers and more time on making your existing ones cloud masters.

Your cloud your rules

It's time to put guardrails where you didn't have any control before. Issues that before were only detected in production are now visible in advance saving developer cycles and time.

Your team is your most valuable asset

We know you worry about your team, you probably have seen the signs of stress on them, the late night deployments, looking for who's fault it is, and general fear of the unknown - this is also the major cause for developer burnout - stress. When your team knows what was hidden from them before they can move forward and deploy with confidence.

Talk to us - it will make your cloud frown turn upside down

We understand it's a business, the bottom line is the most important and we can help - reach out today to find out how you can maximize your talent and your ROI with Lightlytics.

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