Cloud Complexity, Solved

July 6, 2022
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Or Shoshani
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We come from Infrastructure, we've been in the cloud trenches and here is our biggest conclusion:

The cloud is a mess.

At Lightlytics, our mission is to bring order into Cloud chaos, we do this by simplifying operations so the cloud becomes what it was always supposed to be - efficient and always optimizing.

Before Lightlytics you needed to choose which complexity you wanted to tackle whether visibility, reliability, cost, security and  more. Lightlytics provides clarity into your cloud enabling you to constantly improve your workflows and results.

Cloud chaos separates into two main issues:

Landscape - many vendors on every category of the cloud - you need to pick and choose

Vector - many applications and features to choose from- no one solution

Poor control over cost, security, reliability and visibility are the symptoms, overcomplexity  is the issue.

How is it possible that in the most engineered space (Data, whether cloud or on-prem) there are no "single-pane" solutions, well... we solved that.

How we make it simple:

By simulating how every configuration change impacts operations before deployment, we proactively ensure that production continues as planned, so you  can deploy and modify cloud infrastructure with confidence

We give you a detailed picture the impacts of your code change on your entire environment so you can:

  • Accelerate and simplify the complex code review process
  • Understand how the change is going to have an impact on your application reliability, cost, network connectivity, reachability, exposure paths, and accessibility.
  • Detect high-risk changes that are otherwise hard to predict from a Terraform plan
  • Predict potential availability issues that may cause down-time

Simply know more - discovery

A simple view will help you track and investigate configuration changes from most of your cloud services based on the actions users performed via the Management Console, CLI, SDKs/APIs, as well as services automated actions.Each event shows the time at which the change occurred, who performed the activity, where it was executed from, the resources that were affected, and the impact it had on your cloud.

Realtime Inventory & Asset management -  Lightlytics inventory reflects the true posture of your cloud, built from real-time changes made to your environment. The system creates a full dependency graph and holds configuration history, state and all dependencies on the resource level in a simple, quarriable graphic interface.

On top of the configuration layer the platform presents the actual events and activity, allowing you to see which paths are active and drill down to investigate

Simply different - Context.

With traditional IaC/Cloud scanning tools, resources are scanned individually without context; due to that, analyzing results is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort.

DevOps are required to analyze who made the change, the impact radius and the actual severity of the alert.

If a fix is needed, it is necessary to consider what will happen to all the related resources that utilize the problematic resource, which is a difficult task by itself.

Lightlytics covers both build and runtime with the same rules while providing all the necessary context to reduce time and increase confidence.

Simply Control and predict - ArcStandards + Simulation

It's time to put guardrails where you didn't have any control before. Issues that before were only detected in production are now visible in advance. The  policies run both against the run time state of your environment and during build time!

By connecting Lightlytics to your CI/CD every pull requests triggers a cloud twin which simulates your environment with the changes you made in the pull request and runs your policies against it. This allows you to control reliability, cost, compliance, security and any infrastructure issue you can think of before the code gets deployed

Simple start

It takes minutes to simply connect your platform and solve your cloud complexity. We are the only solution to provide never seen before control over your cloud, don׳t take our word for it leave your details and we will prove it to you with a quick demo.

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