Announcing Lightlytics $30M Series A Fundraising Round

Or Shoshani
March 22, 2022
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Sometimes, the best solutions are products of seeing repeated desperate situations. It makes sense, then, that the idea for Lightlytics was born during a week defined by frustration, hair-pulling, and downtime.

It was early 2020 when we - three seasoned engineers who’ve worked together for years - encountered a failure in web scaler client production. Our enemy was a common one: cloud misconfiguration in multiple areas of the deployment.

This wasn’t a one-time problem for a client; it’s an industry-wide challenge. As the complexity and dependencies of environments increase, so do the issues that operations teams face in their production environment. The more dependencies you've got, the more that can go wrong, and the higher the cost will be when critical business operations fail or payments stop.

As that wearying week wore on, we started to connect the dots. We saw a gap; it’s simply not possible for DevOps teams to predict all the potential impacts that can occur across all dependencies as infrastructure is updated and deployed.  That led to the realization -a major opportunity to help DevOps and SecOps teams with the next stage of cloud infrastructure

We like to tackle the hardest problems head-on. That’s why we started Lightlytics, with a mission to help DevOps teams operate cloud infrastructure across the stack, deploy faster and automatically predict and prevent downtime, security, and other operational issues before they affect live environments.

We assembled a team of seasoned engineers that shared a deep commitment to developing a proactive approach to infrastructure operations. Our aim was to help customers increase business confidence and create a tangible and lasting impact on the way DevOps teams operate.

The end result of that collaboration was the Lightlytics platform. Lightlytics integrates with current DevOps workflows across the planning, infrastructure code review, and ongoing operations phases. With Lightlytics, cloud operations teams can introduce new changes faster and operate cloud infrastructure with more speed and confidence.

Today, we’re announcing our $30M Series A fundraising round, led by at Energy Impact Partners (EIP), with participation from Cervin Ventures, and our previous investors: Tlv Partners VC and Glilot Capital Partners VC. This fundraising round is a testament to the tireless work of our team, and the commitment to the vision we’re building.

Thanks to our customers, employees, investors, advisors, and you reading this, we are continuing this mission, together, to establish confidence in your infrastructure.

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