No Stress Deployment with a Digital Cloud Twin

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June 16, 2022
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To deploy or not to deploy, with Lightlytics there is no question.

We know that feeling, we come from Infrastructure we have sent down the pipeline and stressed over millions lines of code and thousands of configurations.

Just like you, we are cool-headed people but since we knew what could go wrong we would get to that place where we would stress over deployment. It’s natural really, when we don’t know what’s going to happen our mind goes into “flight” or “fight” mode which causes - you guessed it - stress. Deep Instinct released its annual Voice of SecOps Report which found that 45% of respondents have considered quitting the industry due to stress.

Lightlytics was born out of the idea that instead of stressing, there must be a way to simulate and know exactly what is going on in our cloud in real-time.

This doesn’t mean just mapping –cloud systems have dependencies and rules which means context and if you don’t have the full picture you can’t truly know what the impact of your change will be.

The Lightlytics Cloud Twin engine creates a real-time simulated model of your cloud environment and dynamically correlates the dependencies between configurations, services, infrastructure, and activity logs. This way policy violations are calculated up-stream and down-stream giving you full and unmatched visibility and control of your environment.

3 step solution

1 - Blueprint

Complete Cloud map with context and dependencies

This is how it all starts, our agent-less solution will scan your cloud completely and maps it so you can discover, pivot, and query all your cloud resources with our powerful path search, complete resource configuration history, traffic logs, state, and dependency mapping.

2 - Clone

Real time Simulations of IaC changes

Lightlytics connects to your Version Control Systems and CI/CD platforms, now every configuration change pull-request generates a fully contextualized simulation of the impact on your environment we are the only platform that simulates and predicts cloud behavior in real time.

  • Real time Inventory & Asset management - Lightlytics inventory reflects the true posture of your cloud, built from real-time changes made to your environment. The system creates a full dependency graph and holds configuration history, traffic logs, state and all dependencies on the resource level in a simple, quarriable graphic interface.

3 - Guardrails

Industry best practices + Your tribal knowledge

  • Cross-layers full impact analysis before deployment - See the impact of every proposed change to your infrastructure before it is deployed. Our cross-correlated infrastructure on every layer's configurations allows us to Shift left by identifying misconfigurations, reviewing the future impact of changes, and fixing them with a proactive approach.
  • Application behavior data layer - Unparalleled visibility into applications , incoming and outgoing network traffic to the environment and between resources. The traffic data allows detection and troubleshooting security issues in minutes and provides the context to improve posture with confidence and 0 deployment stress.
  • Architectural standards enforcement - Your cloud, your rules - with Lightlytics you can now enforce and validate pre-defined, custom-made and industry best architectural standards as part of the GitOps flow before production and in real-time. Our predefined standards and ala of your Activity and ra fic logs are aggregated with the configuration level giving you actionable in ight into the actual behaviors and data flows in your environment

Here's just a partial list of use cases to ease your deployment stress:

  • Quickly identify misconfigurations, enforce security and compliance across yourdeployment. Find all EBS volumes which are not encrypted or ensure that onlysome S3 buckets are publicly accessible.
  • Locate configuration gaps, when querying two resources that aren't connected the Lightlytics algorithm will present the existing path and the missing components to allow the connection!
  • Verify secure use of identities, and analyze relationships of roles, policies, permissions, and resource access privileges.
  • Easily find misconfigured and unused permissions for all cloud identities.
  • Simulate PRs and intersect code changes that will impact availability and cause downtime before deployment!
  • Discover compliance and security violations before they happen, like data exiting the EU violating GDPR or resources that should only be internal being exposed to the Internet.

Why Lightlytics

Unprecedented visibility

We map your entire cloud infrastructure so you can:​

  • End unexpected behaviors with full impact analysis in your cloud-ops workflow​
  • Reduce risk of Downtime, Security breachs and Cost surprises

Gain control of your cloud

With a full, live graph of all your cloud resources and the connections between them ​

Save money and hundreds of man hours by:​

  • Speeding up change planning​
  • IaC reviews and troubleshooting

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