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San Francisco, CA, April 29, 2024

ClearScale and Stream Security Forge Strategic Partnership for Continuous, Real-time Monitoring in the Cloud

Alliance Tackles the Challenges of Continuous Compliance, Cybersecurity, and Cost Visibility in the Cloud

In a strategic move that sets a new benchmark for cloud management, ClearScale, a leader in cloud services, has joined forces with Stream Security, innovators in real-time cloud security, to introduce a new approach to managing and optimizing AWS cloud environments. This partnership combines ClearScale's deep AWS expertise with Stream Security's CloudTwin™ technology, offering businesses unparalleled continuous compliance and cybersecurity oversight in the cloud.

Today's organizations face increasingly complex cloud environments and stringent regulatory demands. The integration of ClearScale's comprehensive AWS cloud services with Stream Security's real-time detection and response technology ensures that companies can confidently navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance, evolving security threats, and cloud cost visibility.

Jeff Carson, Vice President of Strategy and Solutions at ClearScale, highlighted the partnership's focus on empowering businesses: "Our partnership with Stream Security provides a new level of tactical governance oversight for AWS cloud environments. By harnessing real-time analytics and actionable insights, we're equipping our clients with tools to maintain continuous compliance and fortify their cybersecurity posture while enhancing financial forecasting to maximize their cloud investments."

Benefits of the ClearScale - Stream Security Partnership:

  • Continuous Compliance: Real-time monitoring and management align AWS environments with regulatory standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOC, detecting violations instantly and ensuring audit readiness at all times.
  • Enhanced Security Posture: Advanced threat and exposure detection analysis minimizes false positives, focusing IT efforts on genuine vulnerabilities and compliance gaps.
  • Customized Optimization Strategies: Tailored roadmaps address specific security and operational challenges, offering personalized solutions for AWS environments.
  • Evaluate MSPs: Assess Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to ensure they meet the latest standards in regulatory compliance and cybersecurity.
  • Improved Cost Visibility: Get actionable insights for refining AWS configurations, enabling more accurate cost management.

"ClearScale's reputation in cloud services and deep AWS expertise aligns perfectly with our mission to transform cloud security and audit readiness," said Or Shoshani, CEO at Stream Security. "Together, we're not only fostering a more secure and efficient cloud ecosystem for our customers, but also paving the way for the future of proactive cloud management and optimization."

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About ClearScale

ClearScale is a cloud-native systems integration, strategic consulting, and application development company founded in 2011. The company has delivered more than 1,000 innovative AWS cloud projects for clients ranging from startups to large enterprises across all major industries. ClearScale’s cloud experts design, implement, optimize, and manage customized cloud solutions that help customers achieve their business transformation initiatives. For more information, visit and follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

About Stream Security

Stream Security, formerly known as Lightlytics, is a leading platform for cloud solutions specializing in real-time Cloud Twin technology. The platform constantly models enterprises’ cloud environments to pinpoint how threats emerge and prioritizes them by business impact. Learn more about Stream.Security

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