Lightlytics launches Google Chrome extension to reduce context switching in AWS Ops

Tel Aviv, 23 May 2023

Lightlytics today announced the Lightlytics Google Chrome extension’s general availability. The extension is the world’s first cloud change intelligence extension and will reduce dreaded context switching between AWS tools for cloud operators.  

“Context switching between tools and tasks accounts for up to 40% decrease in productivity, and it’s becoming a more acute problem for cloud operators by the day.” said Stav Sitnikov, co-founder and CTO at Lightlytics. “Today, it’s considered normal for an operations team to switch between 5-10 different cloud tools to fully understand and resolve an AWS incident. This results in wasted time and valuable resources. With our new Google Chrome extension, we’re delivering the complete context of resources to operators’ favorite cloud tools. Seeing all relevant configurations, recent changes, traffic, all dependencies, resolve issues quickly and reduces content switching for operators.”  

The Lightlytics Google Chrome extension enriches all web applications (including AWS Console, AWS Cost Explorer, DataDog, VMware CloudHealth, Crowdstrike and others), and provides actionable context on cost, security, availability for each listed resource. The extension doesn’t require any integration with existing tools, a Lightlytics account and Google Chrome are the only requirements for users to start getting all the context they need on their favorite cloud tools.  

“The cloud observability, security and cost segments mostly rely on point solutions that only focus on a single aspect of resources, making it extremely time-consuming for operators to complete simple tasks in large scale deployments.” said Liran Roffman, co-founder and VP of engineering at Lightlytics. “Adding configuration, changes, traffic, availability, security and cost context to these applications surfaces all relevant context to operators, and they can take immediate action on the UIs that they know and love. This helps us meet operators on their favorite tools and improve the user experience on these tools in the process.”

The Lightlytics Google Chrome extension is available on the Google Chrome Web Store and you can learn more about the extension on the Lightlytics website.  

Lightlytics offers a free 14 day trial which includes free access to the Google Chrome extension.  

About Lightlytics

Lightlytics provides a collaborative change intelligence solution for all teams who work on AWS configuration changes. The Lightlytics platform helps cloud operations teams identify and fix root causes of incidents in minutes, investigate security incidents more efficiently, and troubleshoot cost for their environments.

This innovative approach helps your cloud operations teams to:    

  • Troubleshoot collaboratively using a single platform with configurations, dependencies, traffic flow and events.    
  • Find the root cause of AWS incidents with the config change that caused it, the impact radius within complete context of your environment,  
  • Proactively prevent incidents and non-compliance caused by cloud misconfigurations through simulations and architectural standards,    

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