Contextual Network and Identity log

Investigate cloud Network and IAM activities with all the needed context, in real-time.

IAM Activity
Enriched real-time network flow logs
Investigate network behavior with event-driven granularity, and posture awareness clarity.
Quickly identify issues in your cloud environments using enriched and detailed logs across VPCs, services, clusters, workloads, network components, and much more.
IAM activity linked to related machines and identities.
Investigate any identity (Identity Access Management - IAM) activity with automatic correlation to resources. Analyze and understand any action done in your cloud. Track an entire user / machine session including operations done after assume role.
Built in anomaly-detection engine generates alerts for Security, Availability and Cost.
  • Get breach indications on machine and user activity against the MITRE ATT&CK® framework.
  • Detect Availability issues due to Unexpected traffic rejects and IAM errors.
  • Detect data extralification and costs spikes due to higher than baseline traffic volume.
We attribute Network and IAM logs to configuration paths, so that you can easily understand how data and configurations interact.