Real-time Cloud Exposure Detection

Periodic & Event Based scans leave you exposed longer.

Step into the future. Get everyone alerted immediately on critical exposure and toxic combinations.
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Cloud change log that make sense
The only cloud security solution that provides instant analysis of security and compliance implications for any configuration change, both direct and indirect, in real-time. Have both DevOps and Security informed of newly introduced risks, including their exact root cause. Easily go back in time and investigate changes with all the filters you need.
See the impact of every change on your entire cloud posture.
Including detection of toxic combinations aka Attack Paths.

Instant alerts to your favorite channels
Get notifications on any of your favorite tools ,Investigate with context or Auto Respond.
Out of the box policies that cover exposure and risks across Compute, Containers, Serverless, Data, Network and IAM.
Prioritize each security concern by examining and visualizing the interconnected risks and diverse attack vectors associated with it.
Your Business,
Your Needs.
Set policies that represent organizational business logic and severity of impact.
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We integrate with all of your existing tools.