Real-time Governance
for AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides the most mature and scalable public cloud service for your business today. Yet, getting the most out of your AWS environments across multiple accounts, regions and resource types can be challenging.

Managing changes and understanding the dependencies across resources can become overwhelming, impeding your teams’ delivery speed, and may cause service outages, security compliance issues for your business.

Troubleshooting is also, well… “troublesome” since it’s so difficult to fully understand the interconnected architecture and figure out where to start identifying issues.
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But there’s a better way.

By adopting Real-time Cloud Governance with Stream Security, your teams can:
See the impact of cloud configuration changes in
Detect security, cost and resilience issues
Troubleshoot faster at scale with the full context

Lightlytics builds a real-time, deterministic mathematical model of your complete AWS environment, spanning across accounts, regions and resources, and empowers your team to efficiently manage AWS at scale.

Scale your AWS environment with Stream Security (Formerly Lightlytics)

Encourage consistent, predictable and reliable cloud configuration changes with architectural standards.
Review the full impact of any Terraform change and real-time events with all the relevant context, within each pull request.
Empower you teams with 300+ predefined best practices for Availability, Security, Compliance and Cost.
Turn your collective knowledge into automatically enforceable guardrails, continuously monitor violations and traffic.

Empower DevOps, SRE and SecOps with AWS knowledge

Easily discover, troubleshoot and improve your entire cloud posture! Query complex relationships across cloud accounts and objects, get complete resource configuration history (including all impacts of changes), machine and identity activity traffic, and dependency mappings.

Better together

As an AWS Partner, Stream.Security goal is to help AWS customers scale their operations quickly and with confidence by seamlessly integrating with every AWS service. This AWS Partner Network (APN) designation recognizes our deep technical expertise and success with AWS customers.

Time is cloud security’s #1 adversary
Trusted by Security,
Loved by DevOps and IT.
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“We mitigated false positives across hundreds of AWS accounts. Real-time, Context-aware architectural standards help keep our team on top of security & compliance on a daily basis, with actionable results.”
Petr Zuzanov
SecOps Architect at RingCentral
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"Before Stream, we found it difficult to identify the source of a vulnerability and how the vulnerable resource fits in our cloud environment. Stream helps us find the right fix and minimize negative impacts of configuration changes“
Arron Li
Security Team at Neuron Mobility
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"We had changes happening that we couldn’t isolate to who and when. The core team needed to be able to know what was going on in real-time and fix things quickly”
Gary Theis
CTO at Wego
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“Using Stream.Security, we swiftly grasped our cloud infrastructure's dependencies, bolstering cross-team collaboration and fostering collective responsibility”
Niv Shlomo
VP Platform at Kaltura