Customer Success Story

Better Therapeutics

Better Therapeutics is a prescription digital therapeutics (PDT) company developing a novel form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to address the root causes of cardiometabolic diseases. The company has developed a proprietary platform for the development of FDA-regulated, software-based solutions for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other conditions. The CBT delivered by Better Therapeutics’ PDT is designed to enable changes in neural pathways of the brain so lasting changes in behavior become possible.Addressing the underlying causes of these diseases has the potential to dramatically improve patient health while lowering healthcare costs. Better Therapeutics’ clinically validated mobile applications, if authorized for marketing, are intended to be prescribed by physicians and reimbursed like traditional medicines.
Stream Security has a powerful yet intuitive platform that provides visibility and in-depth insights into your AWS infrastructure."
Jian Gong
Head of Cybersecurity

The Challenge

Agility is important. As a small company, we are constantly evolving. As the business evolves, our product and infrastructure needs evolve as well. We need to be able to quickly create and test new infrastructure on AWS while still maintaining highly regulated production systems. Furthermore, as a healthcare technology company, security, availability, and data integrity are important to us. Our AWS environments must have controls in place to secure the data patients entrust us and maintain the availability of production systems that our mobile applications need to function.              
We are also a small but growing team. Using multiple disparate systems to manage our cloud environments is time consuming and may not always give us a single, clear picture of the runtime environment. We needed a solution to consolidate cloud visibility across multiple AWS accounts and environments from both a security and operational perspective.

The Solution

Better Therapeutics overcame these challenges by using the Stream Security platform to:
Assess our Terraform code to identify misconfigurations, so that we can get ahead of potential security or operational issues early and before changes are deployed. This proactive approach reduces the risk of unexpected behaviors in our cloud environment.
Aggregate resources across all of our AWS accounts into a single view. Being able to view all of our AWS resources in a categorized list and drill down into each resource to retrieve insights is a significant improvement compared to what were able to do using the AWS console and manual methods to copy resources into a single sheet.
Manual approaches to cloud inventory management are very prone to errors and aren’t scalable. By using Stream Security, we regained control of our cloud posture to see who is doing what, how and when across multiple accounts. These capabilities will be increasingly valuable as Better Therapeutics grows and our cloud footprint continues to scale up.
Real-time review our infrastructure against documented architectural standards so that we can continually monitor our environment as it changes. These reviews include looking at network traffic (using VPC flow logs) to/from key resources in our AWS environment. Flow logs are often very noisy so having this information in one consolidated format has saved us a lot of time. And having a more complete understanding of our cloud posture helps prevent surprises and unexpected behaviors.  
Stream Security has an exciting vision for the product, that if realized, could fundamentally change how we manage our cloud infrastructure and services.”
Jian Gong
Head of Cybersecurity

Working with Stream Security

Stream Security gives us unparalleled visibility into our AWS environment with resource discovery, simulations, network traffic logs and architectural standards, all of which is done through an intuitive and highly informative user interface. The capabilities of the platform are constantly growing. Additionally, the Lightlytics team is very responsive to customer feedback and use this feedback to continuously improve the platform.  
Beyond the platform, Stream Security offers a smooth onboarding process and a responsive support team that proactively monitors for errors. Very few tools can piece together all this information and present actionable insights at the reasonable price point for small and medium size businesses (as well as enterprises) to consider.
Looking forward, I am excited about the upcoming cost module and new innovative capabilities from Stream Security. We look forward to getting more value out of the platform and our continued partnership.
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