CSPM is a subset of CNAPP solution, focusing on prioritizing vulnerabilities based on posture
  • Behavior Anomaly
  • Misconfiguration watchdog
  • Business Aware
  • Real Time, no scanning
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Why Stream?
Threat Detection
Track behavior changes and detect anomalies
Uncover the adversary intent
Unveil the impact of every configuration change in real-time
Customize based on your business needs
No-code guardrail customizations to fully represent your business
Uncover the adversary's intent.
Track every move in real time.
Unmask Hidden Threats with Cloud-Native Security
Correlate network, IAM, and K8s activity for real-time threat detection. Enrich data with posture and threat intel to identify malicious behavior using ML and MITRE ATT&CK®. Connect the dots to uncover hidden attacks and eliminate false positives with contextual understanding.
Real-Time CNAPP: 12x Faster Cloud Threat Response
Stream Security correlates posture and behavior changes in real-time, providing instant visibility and actionable insights to prioritize exposures and threats, and minimize false positives.
Deep Dive Cloud Security Investigations
Identify root cause of policy violations and impacted assets. Trace event chains leading to security issues. Navigate an interactive cloud dependency graph with complete configuration history, impact analysis, traffic logs, and current states. Isolate changes & track events for comprehensive investigation.
Customize Stream for Real-Time Business-Critical Alerts
Integrate your business logic for targeted threat detection. Customize alerts for SOC & SecOps efficiency. Eliminate noise & false positives. Focus on high-impact violations critical to your business.
Effortless Cloud Compliance
Validate AWS Well-Architected Framework for resilience and cost in real-time. Detect & address compliance violations instantly. Manage inventory & assets for complete environment visibility. Supports major compliance frameworks like SOC2, ISO, PCI, HIPAA, and more.
Real-time Cloud Security Analysis & Risk Detection
Instantly analyze security and compliance impact of any cloud configuration change. Empower DevOps & Security with real-time risk insights and root cause analysis. Investigate changes with granular filters for swift troubleshooting.
Fast Time to Value. Proven at Scale.
CSPM is a subset of CNAPP solution, focusing on prioritizing vulnerabilities based on posture
  • Vulnerabilities prioritization
  • Misconfiguration watchdog
  • Customizable to business impact
  • Real Time, no scanning
Eliminate blind spots in your
entire cloud environment. In real time.
Prioritize Cloud Vulnerabilities in Real-Time
Reduce alert fatigue by linking vulnerabilities to critical factors like exposure, entitlements, data access, and misconfigurations. Rank risks based on exploitability specific to your environment. Detect real-time exposure drifts and notify responsible individuals promptly.
Real-Time CSPM: Proactive Cloud Security
Instantly identify & fix misconfigurations before they become threats. Real-time CSPM prioritizes risks, identifies high-impact issues, and crafts tailored rules for your unique environment.
Cross-Cloud CIEM: Secure Your Cloud Identities
Unveil blind spots and gain clear insights into excessive privileges, unused entitlements, and toxic permission combinations across Azure AD and AWS. Enforce zero-trust with continuous access verification and least privilege principles.
Shift Left Security with Stream Terraform Impact Analysis
Integrate seamlessly with your IaC workflow in IDEs & popular platforms (Github, Gitlab, etc.). Simulate changes in real-time to prevent security, cost, and availability issues before deployment. Deploy with confidence and ensure a smooth, reliable process.