Make sure to configure the CloudWatch Logs service to monitor your Amazon CloudTrail trail logs and alert you when specific activity occurs. This allows you to promptly respond to critical events captured by Amazon CloudTrail and detected by CloudWatch Logs. By enabling the integration between CloudTrail and CloudWatch, you can effectively manage your AWS cloud infrastructure. For instance, you can set up SNS notifications to inform you of any authorization failures within your AWS account, giving you greater control over user access to your cloud account.


To ensure that the CloudWatch Logs service is configured to monitor CloudTrail trail logs, take the following steps:

  1. Enable CloudTrail logging for your AWS account and create a trail.
  2. Create a new CloudWatch Logs log group to receive CloudTrail logs.
  3. In the CloudTrail console, configure the trail to send logs to the newly created CloudWatch Logs log group.
  4. Create a CloudWatch Logs metric filter to search for specific patterns in the CloudTrail logs.
  5. Create a CloudWatch Logs alarm that triggers a notification (e.g. SNS) when the metric filter finds a match.

By following these steps, you will be able to receive notifications when specific activity occurs in your AWS account, allowing you to quickly respond to critical events captured by CloudTrail and detected by CloudWatch Logs.

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