Detect Cloud Posture & Entitlements Risks

Precision Posture and Entitlement Risk Detection

Cloud Security, less the false positives.


Continuously detect and remediate misconfigurations with context, Enforce least privilege across cloud and k8s assets.

Customize Security Standards to Align with Your Business Logic.

Our unique solution empowers you to define personalized posture-level rules, alongside standard attribute-based regulations, giving you full control over your security validations. Easily fine-tune existing controls.
Establish Guardrails with custom security standards based on your business logic.The only solution in the market that allows you to set your own validations in a posture level on top of regular attribute based rules. Tune current controls easily.
Using events and activity logs you can easily understand how to situation came to be and what is the actual current usage. Use suggested code snippets remediations.