Announcing integration with Atlantis

The new Lightlytics Atlantis integration enables the run the of a terraform impact analysis simulation as an Atlantis workflow, a new comment from Lightlytics will appear on every pull request with a full terraform impact analysis of the proposed change.
June 2, 2022
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Stav Stinikov
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With Lightlytics' newly released Atlantis integration, you can run a terraform impact analysis simulation as part of an Atlantis workflow, and a Lightlytics comment will appear on every pull request with the full terraform impact analysis.

Atlantis is a Terraform Pull Request Automation tool, that allows CloudOps teams to automatically run a terraform plan against every commit and get the results back as comments. Once the comments are reviewed, the user adds an "Atlantis apply" comment and Atlantis runs "terraform apply". On top of that, Atlantis enables custom workflows in which various policy checks can run against any commit.

By Integrating Lightlytics as an Atlantis workflow, each Terraform commit is simulated and a comment with a link to the impact analysis is sent back.

Simulation Comment

The result, a full impact simulation against your current running cloud environment and the proposed change.

Ensure the intent of the proposed change is met:

terraform atlantis simulation
See all of the resources that are going to be created/modified/deleted
terraform impact analysis
For every resource see all other resources that are related to it (in both build and runtime)
cloud path simulation
Easily understand how posture will look like once the change is applied and validate it meets your intent

Eliminate risk before deployment:

terraform IaC guardrails
Security, Cost, Availability and your Organizational guardrails checked against every change

Detect potential availability impacts:

terraform aws visualization
Detect potential availability impacts, before deployment, based on your running environment activity
aws availability impact

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