AWS Trusted Advisor

How AWS Trusted Advisor Helps You Reduce Costs and Optimize Your AWS
June 16, 2022
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Yehonatan Rumyantsev
Cloud Specialist
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Effective cost management is crucial for organizations utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS Trusted Advisor is a valuable tool that analyzes your AWS infrastructure and provides recommendations to help you optimize costs, improve performance, and enhance security. In this article, we will explore how AWS Trusted Advisor can help you reduce costs and optimize your AWS environment.

  1. Cost Optimization Checks

AWS Trusted Advisor performs cost optimization checks to identify opportunities for savings within your AWS infrastructure. These checks provide actionable recommendations for areas such as underutilized resources, idle instances, and over-provisioned services. By following these recommendations, you can eliminate waste, optimize resource utilization, and ultimately reduce your AWS costs.

  1. Reserved Instance Recommendations

Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans allow you to commit to a specific usage level in exchange for significant discounts compared to On-Demand pricing. Trusted Advisor analyzes your EC2, RDS, and ElastiCache usage patterns and provides recommendations for purchasing RIs and Savings Plans. By purchasing the appropriate reservations, you can achieve substantial cost savings over time.

  1. Analyze Data Transfer Costs

Trusted Advisor checks for potential inefficiencies in your data transfer patterns, such as cross-region or cross-AZ data transfers. By following Trusted Advisor's recommendations to optimize your data transfer processes, you can minimize data transfer costs and improve network performance.

  1. Improve Storage Efficiency

Trusted Advisor analyzes your Amazon S3, EBS, and EFS storage usage and provides recommendations for improving storage efficiency. This includes identifying unattached EBS volumes, underutilized EFS file systems, and S3 bucket lifecycle policies. By optimizing storage usage, you can reduce storage costs and avoid unnecessary expenses.

  1. Load Balancing Optimization

Trusted Advisor checks for inefficient load balancer configurations, such as underutilized or idle load balancers. By optimizing your load balancer configurations and scaling policies, you can reduce costs associated with unused or underutilized resources.

  1. Rightsizing Instances

Trusted Advisor identifies underutilized EC2 instances and provides recommendations for rightsizing them to more cost-effective instance types. By rightsizing instances based on actual usage patterns, you can reduce costs without sacrificing performance.