Cracking the Code: Unveiling Stream's Journey to Solve Cloud Security

November 14, 2023
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Or Shoshani
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When we started our journey at Stream (formerly Lightlytics), we recognized the multitude of challenges in cloud computing. The landscape is overwhelmed with solutions, each addressing a specific facet of cloud management through many acronyms.

Traditionally, companies identify a singular problem and craft a dedicated solution—an effective method for financial gain. However, this approach doesn't always align with the best interests of our customers. Cloud solution users find themselves grappling with sub-problems, juggling an array of tools in their workflows, amplifying the complexity of cloud management.

At Stream, we've chosen an unconventional path. We believe that to solve a problem, one must first comprehend it. We have decided to confront the issue head-on and address cloud complexity by modeling it.

Understanding the problem before attempting to solve it is a fundamental principle that emphasizes the essence of practical problem-solving. By dealing with the nuances of the cloud, we acquired a comprehensive grasp of its underlying dynamics, building the fundamentals to create strategic solutions. In essence, understanding cloud complexity paved the way for a more efficient, targeted, and sustainable solution, ensuring that the chosen approach aligns with the dynamics and pace of the cloud.

Enter Cloud Twin™—our real-time cloud environment model that provides clarity on posture, behavior, and a versatile interface for free-range customization. For the first time, we offer a real-time cloud model that is posture-aware, behavior-aware, and business-aware.

Having gained control over complexity, we can now address cloud challenges with unmatched clarity. In the era of Lightlytics, we revolutionized deployment acceleration and cost savings for operations teams. Today, we introduce a closed loop of real-timedetection and response, all within a unified solution. This encompasses real-time exposure and threat detection, free-range investigations, and remediation impact assessment.

This closed loop not only consolidates cloud security processes under a single solution but also fosters streamlined team collaboration. When different teams deploy different solutions, it leads to disparate research vectors, holding the teams back froma unified understanding. Stream's Cloud Twin™ emerges as the single source of truth for all teams engaging with the cloud. Our event-driven architecture maps the impact of each change on the environment, demystifies the ripple effect of past events, and anticipates the impact of proposed changes.

Stream's success lies in the proficiency and dedication of our robust and skilled team. The development of our foundational model spanned several years, an accomplishment made possible by this exceptional group's uncompromising commitment and innovation. Their collective dedication to tackling the complexities of the cloud has not only driven our success but also led to the creation of revolutionary technology, Cloud Twin™.

With a surge in demand for our solution in the US market, Stream is actively expanding its US office. Our relentless quest for excellence has led us to recruit top-notch professionals, and our commitment to growth remains tenacious as we continue to hire actively. This expansion stresses our commitment to meeting the increasing demand for our solution and reflects the dynamic and thriving environment we cultivate at Stream.

Cloud environments are experiencing an unprecedented rise, leading to a rise in complexity. The exponential growth of cloud technology is undeniably transforming the digital landscape. Gartner affirms, "Cloud computing continues to be one of the fastest-growing segments of IT spending." Testimonials from our customers reveal that since implementing Stream's solution, they rely on it daily, emphasizing the critical need for clarity in this dynamic space. As the cloud landscape continues to expand, so does the complexity, reinforcing the vital role of our solution.

As we streamline cloud security, workflows, and collaboration, we are delighted to announce that we've cracked the code—cloud security is now solved.

Or Shoshani,

Co-founder and CEO at Stream Security.

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