Streamline Your Cloud Data Security and Governance with Stream Security and AWS Macie

Streamline your data security with Stream Security's integration with AWS Macie, offering unparalleled protection for sensitive information. Discover and safeguard your data at scale, effortlessly manage human and non-human access permissions, and ensure compliance through real-time alerts and robust Data Access Policies.
February 8, 2024
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Stav Sitnikov


Enhance Data Security: Monitor Access, Implement Cloud Policies, and Receive Real-Time Alerts on Deviations and Threats.

The modern cloud stack creates new security challenges around data at rest and in use.

Stream Security's seamless integration with AWS Macie redefines how businesses protect their most critical assets. Together, we offer a robust solution that empowers you to monitor who has access to your sensitive data, who actually use the access, implement comprehensive Data Access Policies, and receive instant alerts on any deviations and threats - all in real-time.

Discover Your Sensitive Data with AWS Macie

AWS Macie offers an advanced service designed to discover and classify sensitive information across your AWS environment. By leveraging machine learning and pattern matching, Macie identifies your most sensitive data at scale, ensuring that your privacy and security protocols are never compromised. Read more here.

Stream Security for Cloud Data Security and Governance.

Stream Security enhances this protection by integrating natively not only with AWS Macie but also with other leading sensitive data scanners, as well as allows manual asset tagging. This integration allows for the automatic designation of assets containing sensitive data as "Crown Jewels." This distinction makes it significantly easier for our mutual customers to oversee both Human and Non-Human access permissions to these pivotal assets, alerting on deviations from data access policies, including tracking actual activity in a transparent and efficient manner.

S3 Bucket tagged automatically as a CrownJewel
See all entities with access to sensitive data assets, including cross account permissions, simplify cloud access reviews

Declare Custom Data Governance Policies

Easily declare Data Access Governance and define your organizational best-practices to reduce attack radius and meet compliance.

Detect allowed access to the "Billing" DynamoDB from Resources that are not Pods in the "Billing" Namespace with a label of "k8s-app (equal) Billing"

Data Detection and Response

One of the most critical aspects of data security is the ability to respond swiftly to potential threats. With Stream Security, you can define Data Access Policies that are both dynamic and robust. Any deviation from these policies, whether at Runtime or during (CI) with Terraform, is immediately detected. This instant detection mechanism ensures that any unauthorized access or unexpected changes trigger alerts, allowing your InfoSec and DevOps to take immediate action and prioritize their actions based on the assessed risk associated with each entity with new access.

Cloud Threat Detection and Monitoring on any access activity

In addition to identifying who has access to sensitive assets, we monitor actual transactions. This enables your team to observe who actually utilizes the granted access. Our ML-based threat detection engine alerts on abnormal and malicious activities.

A Partnership for Comprehensive Security

The collaboration between Stream Security and AWS Macie signifies a leap forward in data protection technology. Our mutual customers benefit from an integrated solution that not only identifies and classifies sensitive data but also monitors access and activity in real-time. By setting clear Data Access Policies and receiving immediate alerts on deviations, businesses can ensure that their data remains secure, compliant, and under control.

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