The Hidden Costs of Your Cloud Business

Noa Shilo
August 25, 2022
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The costs of doing business in the cloud are, for a lack of a better word - cloudy.

When analyzing Cloud costs there are more and more variables to consider. Our way of looking at this complexity is a holistic one, we enable a first ever practice of real time simulation to get "the big picture" context of IaC changes. The ability to look at your cloud posture from a different angle gives a broader more meaningful look at your cloud business costs.

After years of Cloud Infrastructure experience we can truly say that the most valuable resource and the one that costs the most is time. Our solution addresses cloud complexity head on by allowing Cloud practitioners to see with context the effects of IaC changes and provide architectural standards whether community based or custom to keep your cloud strategy inline.

Lets look at the most common hidden costs of doing business in the cloud :

  • Time spent on troubleshooting - There are many strategies for troubleshooting in the cloud, they are all focused on finding the problem. When you don't have a clear picture of dependencies and resource allocation you can not truly map the situation and locate the problem. Our real time dependency graph gives the real time posture of the cloud environment in a quarriable simple visualization.
  • Time spent on understanding the "big picture" - Tying together pieces of information from different systems is extremely time consuming. This "birds-eye" view of the cloud is one of our vision pillars, we want to simplify Cloud operations by giving engineers the complete view they need to get more out of their cloud and their time.
  • Time spent reviewing to avoid unexpected behaviors - There are many developer cycles wasted on manually reviewing  IAC PRs to make sure they will not cause unexpected behaviors. Our platform connects to your CI/CD and models every proposed chang e for the exact reason of locating these unexpected behaviors so they can be stopped before they happen.
  • Time spent searching - Searching in log files is tedious work, it's repetitive and many times you do not even know what you are looking for. NEED tech that consolidates all the sources and let's you query in context.
  • Time spent researching- Planning changes to your cloud  requires a great amount of research as to environment connectivity when planning configuration changes.

Time is precious and costly we built our solution to solve this "time plane" problem and provide better control in the cloud for our customers.

Our solution is simple:

1 - Discovery

We map your cloud inventory to reflect the true posture of your cloud, built from real-time changes made to your environment. The system creates a full dependency graph and holds configuration history, traffic logs, state and all dependencies on the resource level in a simple, quarriable graphic interface

2- Simulation

CloudTwin technology visualizes a context-driven risk analysis on how your cloud environment will be impacted with every configuration change. This extensively reduces the time it takes to review Terraform code changes and the risk of downtime or security breaches before deployment.

3- Architectural Standards

With traditional IaC/Cloud static scanning tools, resources are scanned individually without context; due to that, analyzing results is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. Lightlytics covers both Build and Realtime with the same rules while providing all the necessary context to reduce time to fix, increase confidence and eliminate false alarms.

Time is critical,  it is the biggest resource we have as engineers and managers, faster time to product, Real time, build time, time to market, down time, Mean time to resolution, time frame. Your biggest expense is time, at Lightlytics we help you manage your time and cloud, better.

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